Saturday, January 7, 2012

Streets and Places - Hows and Whys

When I first moved to Douglas County more than two decades ago, I was lost. I had only been in the area a couple of times and was very unfamiliar with the streets. One thing I did notice is Douglas County and Douglasville are like any other American locale regarding street and place names.

Names are often determined to honor certain people, landmarks, or types of businesses or organizations like Church Street. Sometimes old Native American names are used or even geographic locations are referred to like Mason Creek Road.

Our community is no different!

Today we tend to refer to areas of our community in terms of subdivision names. I might tell a friend, "Oh, you know ---out there by Bear Creek Estates" or "Just down the road from Sweetwater Bluffs" or "close to Midway Estates", but if we had been living in Douglas County in her earliest days we would have made far different references to communities that existed at that time ---places like Red Hill, Morristown, Yeager, Maroney and Dark Corner would be landmarks.

Yeageer and Maroney are somewhat familiar to me in that there are roads named for both, but Dark Corner? It sounds very ominous, doesn't it? When I located that name in some old records I instantly thought of a shady dark spot in the road perhaps where thieves might overtake an uninformed traveler.

I was wrong.

Dark Corner was located between Winston and Douglasville. Historical sources state the area was named for a Cherokee leader known simply as The Dark. His claim to fame included developing the first toll road into Cherokee lands. That's all I know ----so far.  I'll keep digging.

Salt Springs still exists as a community but is no longer known by that name. The name Salt Springs was given by Native Americans who regularly witnessed deer at the site licking the salt from rocks along the creek. Later the place became known as Bowden Springs where a hotel flourished, and the waters were advertised as having curative powers. In 1918, the name of this place was changed formally to Lithia Springs. Sound familiar?

Names of communities aren't the only identifiers on the maps that have changed over time. Various roads have morphed as well for many reasons...

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