Thursday, January 12, 2012

13 Things About Sweetwater Creek State Park

I have to wonder how many of us living inDouglas County have actually ventured onto the grounds of Sweetwater Creek State Park
I’m ashamed to admit I have never sat at a picnic table, never hiked a trail, never visited the Manchester Mill ruins or attended a festival there or any other type of event.   
Twenty years ago I did visit the park a few times with my son to feed the ducks, and we were on the lake a couple of times in my husband’s bass boat, but other than that my participation with Sweetwater Creek State Park has been close to nil. 

I visited the park Friday, nd hope to return very soon.     
If you are like me and have basically ignored one of Douglas County’s most important resources for history, recreation, and tourism here are 13 reasons why we should visit the park.  
You can finish reading this column over at Douglasville Patch.

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