Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jump into the Poole House!

Last weekend I had the pleasure to visit Le Jardin Blanc on Strickland Street. I walked around the gardens and enjoyed tea as part of the Hydrangea Festival’s events.

After tea I was able to roam about the historic home alone from room to room with my camera, so this week my column is heavy with images instead of words.

Let’s just say I was in heaven! le Jardin Blanc has all the ingredients for a nice afternoon as far as I’m concerned–great food, interesting teas, wonderful d├ęcor, beautiful gardens, a little shopping, and history! 
The correct historical name for the property is the Poole-Huffine-Bulloch-Rollins home, and at 144 years old it has quite a history.

It was built by William Haynes Poole, the very first physician and surgeon in the area before Douglasville or Douglas County existed by name. Dr. Poole began studying with Dr. M.F. La Dell in Cedartown, and earned his degree from Savannah Medical College where he served one year as an intern at the Marine Hospital...

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