Thursday, January 12, 2012

Enjoy Our Library of Paintings

I’ve been a regular patron of the Douglas County Public Library on Selman Drive for years. I’ve checked out books, sat at the tables working on projects with my children or researching a topic of my own, I’ve utilized their extensive video collection, taken advantage of  their story time and reading clubs for kids during the summer months and even enjoyed the artwork scattered along the walls.
Yes, the artwork. Notice the walls the next time you visit the library. The walls are full of pieces of art.
Some of the pieces are like old friends to me as I come and go each week, so I finally inquired with the library if they had information they could share with regarding the collection. I discovered they actually have a self-guided tour with information regarding each piece of art in their collection, and found it very helpful as I took the time the other day to visit each work of art and take photographs.  

The library’s art collection is quiet extensive, and is "provided to enrich the lives of library patrons." Each piece was selected by a committee who hoped the collection would grow in importance and value.
Over the next few weeks I hope to bring some of the artwork to life for you, but for now I want to share three interesting pieces.
You can read the rest of this column over at Douglasville Patch.

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