Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mayoral Candidates Q & A

Editor's Note: In just a few short days, the city of Douglasville will elect the 40th person to hold the office of nayor since the first city election held in March 1875. The candidates for mayor—Terry MillerHarvey PersonsRochelle Robinson andRon Wilson—have been meeting with citizens and making appearances at various forums to answer questions and explain their position regarding the issues. Douglasville Patch had some Q&A time with them as well.
1. Lifelong residents of Douglasville have seen the city limits expand as areas like Thornton Road, Kroger at Chapel Hill, and Tributary were incorporated. What can be done to help downtown residents and citizens in these incorporated areas feel as if they are all in the same city?
Terry Miller: We must make sure that our signage is consistent throughout the city, and that services are provided at the same level in every incorporated area. Also, our city leaders should make the effort to participate in town hall meetings in each Douglasville neighborhood.
Harvey Persons: Our city has grown over the years and we need a mayor that will work to help all of our citizens feel that they are a part of one community. I will do several things to help each area of our community feel connected as one. We will start with Town Hall meetings to listen to the thoughts, needs, and ideas of our citizens. This will allow City Hall to better respond to the needs of our citizens. We will make better use of technology and communicate with our citizens to let them know what is going on in all areas of our community. This exchange of information and communications will help foster a better sense of community and oneness of purpose.

Rochelle Robinson: I'm sorry that some of the residents in Douglasville don't feel a part of the core of the city...I have seen citizens in the above-mentioned areas participate in activities in downtown such as the Taste of Douglasville, the Chili cook-off, September Saturdays and the Concert series on O'Neal Plaza, but, to be more inclusive, I would target those outlining communities with more marketing in the way of invitations, provide city transportation into downtown, and maybe take the events on "the road" by sponsoring a few concerts, family movies, or eatery functions in the outlining areas. We could "fun run/marathon" out to the Tributaries.
Ron Wilson: The proposed new downtown conference center building plan should be scrapped in favor of a Civic Center to include a theater for concerts and performing arts. Since we have committed to the debt on the building and in no way will the conference center generate the revenue to pay the debt and operating expenses, we can convert this building to a more useful purpose for taxpayer use. By having these functions in town on a regular basis, it will cause the need for other new businesses such as fine restaurants, specialty shops, and other small businesses available to people who want to go for a play or a concert and dinner. This will then provide the opportunity for all citizens of Douglas County to meet and socialize….just one idea.
Review the rest of the questions and answers over at Douglasville Patch.

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