Monday, November 23, 2015

Mill Village Violence

Many of our mill village homes are still standing some dating to the early 1900s.

In September, 1922 the village was the scene of an altercation between a young man named White, son of L.A. White, and Leonard Head. Apparently Leonard hit L.A. White on head.  At that time Head was arrested indicted and released under bond. 
By December, Mr. White’s son had taken a turn for the worse. This resulted in the re-arrest of Leonard Head and his release was pending the outcome of White’s injuries. 

The Sentinel story from Friday, December 1, 1922 stated, “Just as we go to press we learn that the young son of Mr. L.A. White of the mill village is in a serious condition resulting from a blow on the head received in September when he and another young man, Leonard Head, had a difficulty for which young Head was indicted and released under bond.”
“Since the recent serious condition of young White has developed, Head has been re-arrested and is now in jail awaiting the outcome of White’s injuries.”

I may have to check well into the 1923 papers to see what happened to both men.

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