Monday, November 23, 2015

A Shooting Scrape

1922 ended with a “Shooting Scrape” per the Douglas County Sentinel for December 1, 1922. 
The paper stated:
We have just received meager reports of a shooting scrape occurring in the Lithia Springs community Tuesday night in which Walter Causey is reported to have been shot by Chap Carroll, the difficulty or misunderstanding arising from livestock of the former trespassing on and being put up by the latter.
Mr. Causey we learn was taken to Atlanta hospital suffering from painful wounds and Mr. Carroll gave himself up to the officers pending further developments.

Today, the same sort of altercation would not arise from livestock ending up on someone’s property, but due to road rage or some sort of slight where one person feels they have been disrespected in some way.
I searched through the issues for the remainder of December and didn’t see an update regarding Causey’s condition or if Carroll was ever charged with anything.

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