Monday, November 16, 2015

Hannah - May 4, 1917

This was an interesting little piece of news from the Douglas County Sentinel dated May 4, 1917…..a piece titled “The News from Hannah” during the United States involvement in World War I.
Mr. Wilson reports:

People are patriotic in this corner, if planting food crops is any evidence. Another proof is every Ford is draped with Old Glory. I don’t know which it is that people worship the emblem that stands for patriotism or whether it’s just popular to have one on.
I will watch these folks and see if they really mean to love Old Glory or just trying to stimulate the other man so he will do the fighting.

All true patriots will no doubt attend the speaking at Hulett next Monday night. Dr. Blackmon has for his subject “The New Confession Box”. Dr. Blackmon is not an unknown man in the fight. He was in Texas when  William Black was killed by the K.C.s and was himself shot, and is carrying the assassin’s bullet up and down the land trying to warn the people against a foreign element that’s undermining our civil and religious liberties. The doctor will be at Hulett the first Monday and Tuesday nights in May.
The following night he will lecture at Ebenezer church.

Boost the meeting and give the doctor a whopping crowd. And son, he will tell you how a patriot acts and the weapons he must use to preserve our liberties.
JM Wilson

The place Mr. Wilson refers to….Hulett….is a community in Carroll County. I’m still trying to determine who Dr. Blackmon was as well as William Black. 
Maybe those puzzle pieces will fall into my lap soon.

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