Sunday, November 1, 2015

List of Downtown Douglasville Businesses - January, 1917

The following businesses were listed in a “Happy New Year” ad in the Douglas County Sentinel dated January 5, 1917……two or three were cut off.  I’ve placed these symbols <  >  to note sections of text I could not make out.

 Douglasville Banking Company
Farmers & Merchants Bank

Duncan & Selman – Ford agents

Almand & McKoy – Hardware

JW House – planning mill and ginnery

JC McCarley  - the Ten Cent Store

JR Duncan Fire and Life Insurance

JQ Enterkin & Son - groceries, heavy hardware, feedstuffs

JO Connally Shoe and Harness Shop

Smith-Harding Supply Co. - Successors to VR Smith

Cansler Brothers Garage

Stewart Brothers - General Merchandise

Miss LI Freeman - Millinery and Notions

Mozley Brothers Groceries - Fresh Meat

Kozytorium Theater

EC Roberts – Groceries and Fresh Meat

WA Abercrombie – Livestock, wagons and Buggies

Little Gem Café

Smith’s Garage – Auto repairing of all kinds

NB and JT Duncan – General Merchandise

JH Smih – Staple and Fancy Groceries

Giles Brothers – The Cash Store….General Merchandise

Dake & McLarty – Real Estate

WL Turner – Watchmaker and Jeweler

JL Selman & Son – Druggist

Roberts Café

<   > Sanitary Barber Shop

Harry A. Edge, The Cash Grocer

<   > Wilson – Watch repair a specialty

Palace Barrber Shop

Upshaw Brothers

<   > Drug Store

<   > S. Abercrombie – Horses and Mules

J. Groodzinsky – Drygoods, clothing, shoes, millinery, and ladies ready to wear

Frank P. Dorris & Company, Staple and Fancy Groceries, Sucessors to JE Phillips

LH Baldwin, Blacksmith

Palace Pressing Club

WC Abercrombie, horses and mules

GW Griffith, Staple and fancy groceries

<   > Dow <    >

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  1. Wow. I love history. Especially the history of towns that were on the highway 78 route. There is so much heritage there. Very fascinating.


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