Friday, August 14, 2015

Quiltings and Wood Chopping in Ralph

This article from the "Atlanta Georgian and News" dated March 9, 1910 was rather significant for me because it mentions the Ralph community.  I know it existed, but can't find a lot of information.

This article was forwarded to the Atlanta paper from the "Douglasville Argus"....a little known local paper.

Now I have some names for possible residents. 

The article said......

B.L. Renfroe gave a wood chopping last week and Mrs. B.L. Renfroe had a quilting. Two quilts were made. Mrs. A.N. Irwin, Mrs. E.Y. Hendrix, Mrs. W.T. Williams, Mrs. J. G. Mozley, Mrs. E.F. James, Mrs. Viola Hendrix, and Mrs. C.M. James were in attendance. It was an enjoyable affair especially at 12 o'clock.      Ralph Community via Douglasville Argus

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