Wednesday, August 5, 2015

1901: Notice to Teachers

The following article appeared in "The New South" dated March 21, 1901.....

Teachers who closed their school are required to send in their accounts at once or as soon as they do close. No teacher will be allowed to carry any time over for the summer term. It must be reported at the close of the spring term. I can't say at this time whether we will be able to pay for all of the spring term or not. We have just paid sixty percent of all the time up to February 28 and we hope to pay the balance due the teachers soon.

All teachers who have graded their schools will please make out a program of the same and send it in to my office at once. I would like to have suggestions from all teachers as to our Institute work this summer as to the best time and the general workings or should we go to another county.

The library books will be ready in a few days for distribution. As soon as all are called in teachers of the county can get the books and let  the children have them and by this means we can use the books all the time not only through the school term but during vacation also. Our library is going to be a success.  We will have about 200 books to begin with and I want every boy and girl in the county to use them.

J.E. Phillips

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