Friday, August 7, 2015

Construction in Douglasville

This find within the "Atlanta Georgian and News" for April 14, 1908 was very welcomed by me because it gives some exact dates regarding certain town buildings.

A contract was made here Saturday with Baggett & Sebert of this place to erect four stone mercantile buildings on Broad Street to replace the frame structures that now occupy this place.

This will make eight new brick and stone mercantile buildings erected her in the past six months.

Stewart Brothers, I & J Goodinski and W.J. Stringfellow will occupy these buildings.

The location for the Stewart Brothers was still standing until just recently.  It was the Smith-Dabbs location that was torn down making a cut-through to the Plaza East walkway. During the Stewart brother's day (Dr. FM and Rader Stewart) the store took up the Smith-Dabbs location as well as the present-day Gold-N-Goodies store.  The Stringfellow location is next to the Irish Bred Pub (Selman/O'Neal Drugs), I think. W.J. Stingfellow had a barbershop in the earliest days of Douglasville, and Sanborn maps show a barbershop in that location. If it was a stone building like the Stewart Brothers' location the building was great altered at some point since it's brick today. 

The Douglasville Banking Company moved into its new marble and brick building on Broad Street and Price Avenue yesterday. The building has been completed at a cost of $7,000.

We have an exact move-in date and cost!

The Lois Cotton Mills are installing machinery in a few months this $500,000 mill will be in operation. It will be one of the largest and most modern mills in the state.

I'm thinking the $500,000 may be a typo in the too many zeroes.

Fourteen new residences have been built here in the last three months and eight or ten are in the course of  construction.

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