Friday, June 1, 2012

More Cotton Mill Pictures

I'm very grateful to Kari Osborne for sending me these images of the cotton mill.   They were taken a couple of years ago and include images of the interior.   I'm including a few here.....and the entire set on the "Every Now and Then" Facebook page.  

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This first image is the east side of the building.

This is the backside of the building taken from the west side.  Notice the zig-zag walls.   Years ago the windows were removed and bricked in, but you can make out where they were.   High windows were key at the turn of the century to give mill workers enough light to do their jobs.....there was no electricity at first.

Looking at this interior shot I can understand why those who wandered around inside over the years told me it was vast and creepy.....

 This is taken on the front side of the building....more zig-zag walls.

Love this shot of Kari's.....You can see the outbuildings and the water tower.   Today the water tower is all that remains.

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  1. Larrywayne Grady SrJuly 16, 2012 at 8:59 AM

    I hear the city saved millions of dollars by the mill burning to the ground rather than demolish it and deal with all hazardous materials present. I wonder!


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