Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Giving Respect

Since we celebrate the birthday of our wonderful country this week, I thought it would be appropriate to bring up Richard M. Wilson's name.

I first wrote about him some time ago here where I make reference to the genealogical research of Joe Baggett. Mr. Baggett connected Richard M. Wilson, one of our first clerk's of court (1889) to John Miller, a well known printer in London. There are claims Miller was the anonymous author of the Junius Letter which attacked King George III's government and helped to spark the American Revolution.

You can read more about the Junius letter here at my site, History Is Elementary.

Cool connection, huh?

There are other connections as well to this week.The story I'm presenting today was published in The Manning Times, a South Carolina paper on July 15, 1903...so, basically one hundred and ten years ago, this month.

The third connection is rain, wind and lightning, and as you well know we've had plenty of that over the last few days. The cycle of hot sunny vistas outside my window change rapidly over and over with dark skies and a deluge of water from the skies. At times the lightning is fierce and intimidating...as it is meant to be, I guess. 

The story in The Manning Times is titled "Narrow Escape" and advises Douglasville, Georgia had been visited the past week with a severe thunderstorm. The story continues.....

The lightning struck in several places in town and among the number was the residence of R.M. Wilson, clerk of the Superior Court of that county. Mr. Wilson and five other members of his family were in the house when the bolt came and their escape is very miraculous. Mrs. Wilson was in the kitchen washing dishes and a large hole was torn in the floor within ten inches of where she was standing.

The dishes she held in her hand were broken, but she escaped unhurt. A son, F.M. Wilson was lying on a bed upstairs and pieces of plank were thrown all over him. He was unhurt. Other members of the family had equally as miraculous escapes.

Here we are...practically on the eve of July 4th, and the predictions for rain and more rain are rampant.  We may have to wait until the weekend to truly celebrate appropriately, but in the meantime.....watch the weather and  give the lightning plenty of respect.

Be safe out there!

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