Monday, April 1, 2013

The War Bond Submarine

Last week The Sentinel began publishing my history column. I'm thrilled!

It appears each Sunday. My first column centered around a picture I found of a submarine going through Villa Rica on the back of a flat bed truck in 1943.

Of course, 1943 was right in the middle of World War II, so I had to know more. The submarine itself was historical in value, and so was the reason why it was being pulled down Bankhead Highway.

I've posted a link to the column at the bottom of this post. You might want to read about the submarine's significance. I've posted the picture that was with the column below along with three others.

Here's another shot of the submarine in Villa Rica passing Boyd's Garage.

Earl Marsh, one of the folks who "like" the Facebook page for this blog gave me access to the next picture. It's the same submarine displayed on the square at LaGrange, Georgia.

Finally, here's an advertisement indicating the submarine was traveling around the county for a war bond drive.

You can access my Sentinel column regarding the submarine and find out its complete story here.

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