Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Primer on Douglasville's City Seal

Look closely at this picture.  Notice the flags on top of the Downtown Conference Center.  Look at the flag on your left.  

What is that?

Yes, that's the flag for the City of Douglasville complete with the official seal. 

This seal:

 I love it's simplicity....yet there is a story behind it.  

I had someone ask me the other day why the City of Douglasville had a....this is their words now....a big old dead tree in the middle of the official seal.


Obviously, they have not been reading my posts at Patch or here at Every Now and Then for very long....if at all.

So....I figured a mid-week primer regarding the City of Douglasville's seal was in order.

Notice how the tree divides two distinct scenes drawn on the seal.

The scene to the left of the tree shows a farm scene while on the right a town scene is depicted.  

These scenes represent how Douglasville was born out of an agrarian setting, and how important those farms were to the town during the early days.

The year 1875 is displayed on the town side of seal because the City of Douglasville was established by the Georgia General Assembly on February 24, 1875 with the following boundaries - The center shall be a point directly opposite the court house in said town, on the Georgia Western Railroad, thence running along the center of said road each way three-fourths of a mile, and extending one half mile each way from the center of said road, the form of said territory to be an oblong square.

And that big old supposedly dead tree?

From the City's own website.....Located at a natural rise in the topography, Douglasville was originally known as Skint Chestnut.  The name derived from a large tree used by the Indians as a landmark, which was stripped of its bark so as to be more conspicuous.

Natives used the tree as a landmark along the trail.  Later settlers used the tree as a landmark as well calling the place Skint Chestnut.  

The official seal of Douglasville uses the tree as a reminder of the past......a remembrance of her history.

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