Monday, February 13, 2012

Plan B: A Few Pictures

Yesterday morning I was on my third topic as my choice for this week's post.   At some point I decided two of those topics still had too many unanswered questions for me to throw them out on the Internet.   My third topic called to me and told me I should go with it, so yesterday morning I worked for a couple of hours and got it all worked out.  

After an afternoon visit with my father and other family members I decided I could come home and publish the piece.    

My mind was at rest.

I had completed my work.  

I was done.

I was content with my writing life.

I should know better.   

The moment you get too cocky and think you have a handle on things the gremlins go to work.   

When I got home last night I fired up my trusty and nearly worn out lap top computer and discovered my post was nowhere to be found.  Fourteen hundred words.....words with a title and words that had been saved had decided to hide from me.  

I have visions of those words whizzing around my computer somewhere having a grand old time hiding from me as I frantically decide what to do.

I hope they are having a blast. is Plan B.   A few pictures I snagged from the Facebook page, "You're Probably From Douglasville If...." administered by Nina Vansant Camp.   The pictures reached the Facebook page through various sources.   One thing I've discovered about many of the old Douglas County images.....most are claimed by more than a few folks, so I'm claiming where I snagged them from and if you need to trace them further you can go from there.  I'm grateful to Nina for helping me out here and there with historical details here and there along with so many other folks.

On to the pictures......if you want closer views of the images you can click directly on the picture to isolate it and enlarge it a little. 

This picture has been identified as the Chattahoochee Ferry.....the Gorman Ferry.....or the Austell Ferry owned by Alfred Austell.  He purchased the Gorman Plantation and the ferry.   You can read more about the ferry and the Gorman and Austell family in my post A Bridge to the Past.

This is a view of Chapel Hill Road in 1958.   Amazing to see it without development.  I'm not exactly sure about the location....I'm taking a wild guess and saying it might be looking down the hill towards the present-day soccer fields.

This building is Douglasville College.   It was located where the National Guard Armory is today on Church Street in downtown Douglasville.   Later an elementary school was on the location for a years.    I have previously written about the college in my post 1902:  It's a Marathon Commencement.

Today's Douglasville Welcome Center is pictured below......originally home to the Douglasville Banking Company.   I've written about the bank here.

Today you would know this location as Dr. Robinson's office on Church Street.  O'Neal Plaza is to the left of this building today.  When this picture was taken Price Street still extended through O'Neal Plaza to Broad Street, and the Masons met on the second floor of the building. There are several Masonic symbols on the outside of the building.   I wrote about the Masons in my post titled Taking a Minute for the Masons.

This building at the corner of Broad Street and Price housed O'Neal Drug Store.   Today it's the location of Irish Bred Pub.   The building has quite a history.   I've written about Mr. O'Neal and other past owners of this building in my posts Who is the Man Behind the Plaza?  and Careful What You Look For:  The Millstone.

 This is the cotton mill building found along Highway 78 heading east as you leave Douglasville.   Today the building is in ruins, but it could have been a historical gem to our community had it been protected.    I've written about the cotton mill and it's importance to our town through years and its historical value in my posts Cotton Mill Ends the Doldrums and Demolition by Neglect.

This picture also shows an even earlier view of the cotton mill before the tower was altered .

Well, I'm off to continue looking for my wayward words.....:)

Sometimes technology is more of a hindrance than a help, you know?


  1. Thanks for the mention Lisa, but I don' t claim to own or have copyright to any of the photos posted in this article. Most were found though internet serches and shared on the Douglasville Facebook page. Many seasoned citizens enjoy seeing the old Douglasville of their youth, or looking at photos of people and places spoken about by their parents or grandparents. I hope your readers enjoy them as much as the members of the Douglasville Facebook page. Nina Vansant Camp

  2. The photo you identify as the O'Neil Drug store and housing today's Irish pub is a incorrect photo. The photo you show is actually the Mason Building on Price and Church Sts. The first floor is today bricked over with one entrance...but the Masons logo is still on the roof line front, just as it is here. The Irish pub building is an iron front building.


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