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  1. Most old pictures of downtown Douglasville are of Broad Street and some corners beyond. Do you have any of Church Street on the blocks between the Old Courthouse and Campbellton? Would love to see them if you do. We own a building on the north side, across from the Regions Bank drive-thru and I have yet to find any old photos of it. I understand it was originally a blacksmith shop. It was also the home of the Douglas County Sentinel in the 50's. At one time it also housed the Douglasville Cleaners which later moved down the street across from Ace Hardware; the one which is now empty and for sale.

  2. Hi Christine.....thanks for leaving a comment. I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. I have seen a few pictures of Church Street from an earlier time, but they don't belong to me. Let me see if I can track some down for us.


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